Internet Advertising


Planning internet advertising

Planning internet advertising should ideally be done before a website is developed. To achieve qualified traffic with top search engine ranking requires a quality analysis of your competitors in conjunction with the content of your website. When developing and designing a website, the internet advertising plan should be incorporated when laying out a strategy. Before you develop anything, you should have thought about how you are going to promote and market through internet advertising. You can have the best idea in the world, if this is not accompanied with a solid internet advertising plan, you will have a very hard time succeeding.

You can have a successful website that is in the top search engine ranking when applying an appropriate internet advertising strategy and concept when a site is developed and proceed with adequate advertising and promotion.

Internet Advertising and Website Management

When a website is finally online, it needs to be managed. This actually means: “maintained and monitored”. Reoccurring maintenance in combination with online and offline advertisement and promotion is simply necessary. Search engine marketing, plus user research to keep track of the response to your online advertising campaigns, is the most important and powerful tool a successful marketer has in order to execute an internet advertising strategy resulting in top search engine ranking.

Internet Advertising Content

  • Refresh content regularly
  • Manage and update news / hot items
  • Provide articles users are interested in
  • Engage website visitors in interactive experiences such as games, quizzes and polls

Internet Advertising through Online Promotion

  • Choose the best and most cost effective way to advertise online to promote your business/product.
  • Send (weekly, monthly) e-mail newsletters for new products, products on sale and news articles.
  • Select the best websites to place your banners or text links.
  • Promote your website by getting the word out and utilizing the opportunities other websites have to offer you. Think social media.
  • Promote your website offline to reach an even broader audience.

Search Engine Marketing

  • Submit your website to search engines and web directories.
  • Optimize your website for the most relevant keywords and apply best practice to do so.
  • New search engines and portals/directories appear frequently.
  • Search engine algorithms change all the time and are in constant development. States Technology Labs is aware of these changes and stays on top of the rapidly changing world of search engines and search engine ranking.
  • States Technology Labs search engine marketing team monitors website ranking. We make adjustments and tweak all necessary things to help achieve top search engine ranking. Search engine optimization SEO is a time consuming process and needs a lot of attention and effort, but it’s really worth it and the most profitable internet marketing tool available.

stl-search-engine-internet-advertisingUser Analytics

  • User analytics help you in understanding where your visitors are coming from and what they do when they visit your website.
  • Which pages are the entry pages (which is NOT necessarily the home page) and from which page do they exit your site?
  • How long is an average visit?
  • How do users navigate your site and what are your most viewed pages?
  • We consider Google Analytics the best free internet tracking tool to monitor all our own and our clients’ websites.

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At the end of the day proper analytical tools administered by an internet advertising professional with ongoing monitoring and implementation is a formula for best performance to attain top search engine ranking for your website online internet advertising needs.




Internet Advertising through Online Promotion.