Social Media brings Top Qualified Website Traffic

Social Media brings Top Qualified Website Traffic – Top 10 Exposure in Days Not Months

Not the Good Ole Boys Business Marketing

Remember the days when large corporations shoved their goods onto the general public?

“You can have any Ford Model T you want, as long as it’s black.” Companies had a few ideas, did indistinguishable versions of market testing, and foisted their campaigns upon an innocent public with limited TV, radio and print options. Sometimes they actually got mailing lists and sent out sales letters to those groups they thought were their target demographics. If a business got 1-2% responses, they were delighted.

It is not that these ways are no longer valid entirely; it is that the abundance of choice along with Social Media technologies that make gathering, collecting and exchanging ideas around multi-millions of topics has changed the marketing industry for good.

The most triumphant companies implementing the new business marketing paradigm have learned to surrender and in fact totally give up something that 10 years ago they would not ever have given up – control. Companies are no longer in power in the marketplace. Their customers are. Companies have to ask permission to market to their customers, clients and patients.

New Facebook Marketing Status, Pardon the Pun

The global, national and local marketplaces are dictated by non-customers and customers alike, people who try it, test it, review it and talk about it to all their friends, which is entirely powerful. Today’s technology makes having a say, for the average consumer, easier than ever. Websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ give anyone on the globe a voice and/or avenue to be viewed inexpensively, effectively and instantly. And they blog, chat, share their status and have long conversation threads, visible publicly on any topics they so choose.

Successful companies today welcome the lack of control, give away their products or services and proudly seek out new ways to engage the chatter of customers and potential customers. If you are not involved with social media, you are losing ground fast in a highly competitive marketplace. What once passed as key words to describe product launches have been replaced by keywords that work more effectively. Quality no longer gives you a competitive edge over competitors. What is needed is buzz and good buzz. The old adage ‘any advertising is good advertising went out the door a long, long time ago. Customers demand authenticity. Today you need authentic buzz; a buzz you may not be able to control, but hopefully can get started. Get enough positive buzz, and you reach a tipping point that happens faster than ever and get to the place where going viral is a good thing!

The good news is since the new paradigm is actually free in the competitive world of technology, tools and widgets, this universe affordably and literally competes with mega-corporations. So can a high-school dropout working in a loft in Baltimore, Berkley or Boca Raton! You cannot hide from this social media powerhouse, even spending thousands annually with yellow pages. The most popular websites, portals and search engines are focusing all their energy and budgets on localizing their content. Get a sharp social media marketing strategy, so you have a fighting chance at getting noticed.


Social Media brings Top Qualified Website Traffic – Top 10 Exposure in Days Not Months.