Top SEO Tips Here’s 11 of Them

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By Derek States

From the obvious to the ‘what a great idea’, here are 11 of the top 52 search engine optimization or SEO tips on how to optimize your website for its supersonic launch up the search engine rankings.

Be bold and wise with SEO

Use the <b> </b> tags around some of your keywords on each page; just some keywords. Do NOT use them everywhere the keywords appear. Once or a couple of times is plenty. Be consistent for all keywords.

Deep Linking for Search Engine Optimization

Make sure you have links coming in to as many pages as possible. When a search engine sees other web sites are linking to different pages on your site, it says you obviously have a lot of worthwhile content on your website. When a search engine sees all your links are coming in to the home page, it knows you have a shallow site of very little value. It may also think your links were generated by automation rather than from anything of value on your site.

Search Engine Optimization Social Bookmarking

Make it easy for your visitors to social bookmark your website, creating important links that the search engines value. There are plenty of free social bookmarking widgets available. Ask us for more information if you would like to know what would work for your needs.

Become an SEO Foreigner

Canada and the United Kingdom have many directories for websites of companies based in those countries. Get a business address in one of those countries.

SEO is First Come, First Served

When you have image links in your navigation bar, include also text links. Make sure the text links show up first in the source code, because search engine robots will follow the first link they find to pages. They will not follow additional links to the same page. Ask us how you can see this in action.

E-newsletters SEO

Offer your articles to e-zine publishers that archive e-zines. The links stay live often for many years in their archives.

Multiple Domains SEO

If you have several topics that could each support their own website, it might be worth having multiple domains. Search engines usually list only one page per domain for any given search. Your website may deserve two. Directories generally accept only home pages. You may get more directory listings this way. Dedicate a site to something specific and interesting from your current website. Ask us for suggestions.

Search Engine Optimization Using Article Exchanges

Link exchanges are generally useless. Article exchanges, on the other hand, are like link exchanges, only useful actually. You publish someone else’s article on the history of pumpkin pie with a link back to their site. They publish your article on gluten free pumpkin pie, with a link back to your site. You both have content. You both get high quality links.

SEO Not Anchor Text

Do not overdo the anchor text. You do not want all your inbound links looking the same, because that looks like automation which Google frowns upon. Use your URL sometimes, your company name other times, and then choose interesting search terms in variations for other times.

SEO Titles for Links

Links can get titles, too. Not only does this help visually impaired surfers know where you are sending them, but some search engines figure this into their relevancy for a page.

Site Map SEO

A large site needs a site map. The site map should be linked to from every page on the site. This will help the search engine robots find every page with just two clicks. A small site needs a site map too called a navigation bar.

Now you have 11 of the Top SEO Tips. Here is one more to make it an even dozen. Another free tip:
There is a lot more to search engine optimization than discussed above. There are always more details when looking at an individual site. But these tips should help any website significantly improve its rankings.

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