How to Make Your Website Top Ten in Google

How to Make Your Website Top Ten in Google

The reason you need to have your website rank top ten in Google is because almost all internet users use search engines to find information, products or services and everything else they are looking for. A good question to ask is can your potential clients, customers or patients find you through your website?

Begin Top Ten in Google Process

A great place to start to get top ten in Google is to get a website visibility report from States Technology Labs so you know where your website sits currently in rankings with the single goal of making your webpage rank top ten in Google. If you are serious about getting your website listed to be top ten in Google, contact States Technology Labs for a no obligation search engine optimization proposal or consultation on how your web pages can top ten in Google.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of optimizing your website.  A search engine is simply the tool you use when you are online to look for things. You get to a search engine by typing what you are looking for in a search box.


Make Goal to rank top ten in Google

With the goal of being top ten in Google with strategic website optimization, a search engine will not only find your site but can bump your site onto the coveted ‘Page 1’ status. Strategic website optimization is done, so your website may be found using SEO keywords typed into ‘Search’ boxes by people you may want to find your site. Typically, you can expect bonus SEO keywords, in addition to your main list, to be ranked top ten in Google.

In order for your site to be top ten in Google and with other major search engines, you must understand how the search engines work and what they look for generally. A search engine ranks sites based on algorithms; complicated mathematical equations, looking for specifc factors. Other important factors are: how your site is built, your code and how “natural” your site looks and flows. A website visibility report will let you know where you stand in the rankings and is available through States Technology Labs.

A simple way to think about how search engines, work on your website is to compare it to a list of chores. Where you have a list of 200 little jobs you want to get accomplished so you can enjoy the rest of your day. One person needs to clean the kitchen, another  laundry and vacuuming. You are sorting things in the garage, then mowing the lawn and then headed to the grocery store with another list of things “to do”. Paying bills and picking up dry cleaning. See how your list takes you all over the place, but is all related to your personal life?

Top Ten in Google Using Search Engines

That is what search engines do, looking all through the pages of your website, to every word they can find, to help people find you. When you have correct, efficient Search Engine Optimization, people will find you, do business with you and help you enjoy your weekends!

In order to become top ten in Google, Google has about 200 factors currently in their algorithms to determine how your website ranks. Some of the items on the list to become top ten in Google are more important and others are not so important.

At States Technology Labs, we have an excellent idea how to optimize our clients’ websites so they typically end up on ‘Page 1’ rankings in searches. There are no shortcuts or tricks, you can try and count on. It is far better to work with States Technology Labs.

Getting Your Top Ten in Google Search Engines

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Getting your site to be top ten in Google and other search engines is the foundation of any search engine marketing campaign. If your site does not come up top ten in Google you need a search engine marketing plan. Either those sales are going to your competitors or your potential clients or customers, are not being served. Contact States Technology Labs for an SEO proposal to see how you can get top ten in Google.


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