What is SEO for? Should I Even Have a Website or Not?

Who even knows, ‘what is SEO for?’ Can you be successful in today in business without a website? Websites can be quite an investment and how do you know if it will work? There are a lot of questions to ask and decisions to make and who can you trust to make your website successful? And while we are asking questions… what makes a website successful in the first place!?

There are a few things to take into consideration to make a wise decision about your website. Without your URL, which is your actual website address, how will potential patients/clients/customers find your website? If they can’t type in www.my_cool_office.com to find you, what is in place, to get your website to pop, on the first page of a search? If you are not on the first page of a search, which is in the top 10 web links, you have not got a prayer to be found that way. It might be important to know how to do that or to hire someone who knows what is SEO for and will get those results for you!

Another great question to ask is what is most important in website success? Do I need videos? Photos? Testimonials? And what about my ‘Contact Us’ page? Should I have my address and phone number? A map with directions? What about one of those handy forms so I can get all their contact information for my newsletter? Should I put lots of articles for people to read or just keep it simple? Who knows the right answers to this stuff and who knows what is SEO for? And what will the best option for me cost me to get?

Your business dollars are precious and you do not want to spend any of them on anything that does not give you what you expect and need for success. I can answer some of these questions, but first, why should you care what I think about it?

As a marketer I encouraged clients to add video and lots of pictures to their web pages. I told them to add nice bios so potential clients could get to know them and I still think those things are a grand idea and worth some effort.  Now I know from personal experience, it is completely critical to handle your search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) in the best way possible. And how you handle your search engine optimization and search engine marketing is exponentially more important than how your website actually looks reads, smells or tastes! If no one can find your website in the first place, it will never matter how aesthetically pleasing it is and contrary to what you may believe, people do not read much text on websites, but for them to find your site, you better have lots of text and the correct key words, too And you best have the SEO and SEM done and done very well.

Here is why your SEO and SEM are so critically important. When someone needs your product or services, it is highly unlikely they will turn to the dinosaur-like yellow pages. There is a high percentage of people who simply recycle them without ever opening them! The internet is today’s yellow pages and a much handier tool! People are more likely to be looking for your location, email or phone number to contact you with questions. Their basic intent is to go to your place of business or call or email you with their questions first.

The most important thing for you to do is make sure your contact information is the easiest for them to find, over your competitors. Period!
That is done through search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Period!

There are a lot of people out there claiming that is what they do and maybe there are 5-10-ish steps they may know to do to improve the likelihood your site will rise in the rankings, but I only know one company that does 40-100 steps to improve search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Those 40-100 steps to improve search engine optimization and search engine marketing are jettisoning websites to page 1 Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo etc. in days and weeks, not months and years! I have seen it happen in the last 7 months, over and over, because I have been watching.

The company I am watching is States Technology Labs. You can check out their website and even contact their clients on their website to get their personal experience stories. States Technology Labs is a research company that takes on paying clients, who get the benefit of STL research into effective website launching and SEO and SEM standards far exceeding the norm. Google is watching what States Technology Labs is doing. Google would, no doubt, like to know what SLT is doing exactly to get the incredible results they are getting! States Technology Labs is not talking though.

STL is quietly jettisoning one website after another onto first page Google to the delight of said website owners, who are very happy when within days of launching, new, qualified clients, are calling and walking through their doors. And that is why having a website is completely wise. It is a tool, when done right, that will work while you are sleeping to bring you the kind of clients/customers/patients you would like to have walk through your door. by Roxy Cross