Will Google reverse the penguin update

Will Google reverse the penguin update?

For most people penguin update is not a penalty, the sites which has followed all the guidelines of the algorithm can actually see rise in their rankings. It is designed to avoid web spams with bad SEO techniques; this is a ranking algorithm that penalizes for spammy links and keywords.

Since the results of Google Penguin updates are still favoring the brands, some SEO’s are working to use more number of link tools that do not present spam by this latest algorithm update. Now penguin is possibly to reverse its latest update and focus on making big adjustments to rank quality sites.

The time when penguin recent update made, Matt Cutts says– the penguin raking algorithm is designed to decrease web spam and keyword stuffing. He also adds the sites that are performing these wrong approaches for a long time will not receive higher rank anymore.

Google Penguin Update

But with the penguin reverse engineering process most websites that have been tweaked and penalized by Google are now able to bring back their rankings. To avoid all these sneaky and spammy approaches Google probably would reverse penguin update and make sure to rank only the quality sites.

Penguin update is designed to punish webpages that are employing “keyword stuffing” and using paid links to bring artificial rankings. It penalizes the website that violates the guidelines and uses some negative factors.

There have been many changes made in the algorithm, releasing new updates further every day which has great impact on many sites. Google also says that Penguin is fully live and monitors everything simultaneously with panda updates to ensure quality ranking.

How to know whether your website is been hit by Penguin update

It is very easy to know whether your site is been hit by search engine algorithm or not just by auditing your SERP results regularly. This will let you know the impact of the penguin update by measuring the traffic and comparing them with the past.

If you have seen there is a fall in the web traffic then you have been hit by penguin. If you find there is rise in your traffic then probably you’re among the one who have been benefited from penguin update.

If you see no change in the traffic then it means there is no impact of Google algorithm changes on your rankings.

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Tips to recover

  • If Google has flagged some of your approaches like keyword stuffing or link building get it corrected immediately.
  • If your site has been hit by mistake you can report errors to Google by filing a request for reconsideration.
  • Do not over optimize your site as to rank better because Google pin downs your rankings and could treat as web spam

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Will Google reverse the penguin update.